I believe effective communication and engaging storytelling can solve problems, achieve business goals, and even change the world. Currently, I am a Senior Communication Strategist at a digital technology agency and collaborate with the great minds there to help them connect with clients and prospects in inspired and creative ways.

Prior to this, I worked as a producer for ABC News for more than ten years. Highlights include producing the online pro-social video series, Standing Up For Heroes with Bob Woodruff and serving as the control room producer at Good Morning America where I managed all of the visual elements for the broadcast under extremely tight deadlines and, most days, very little sleep.

I left network news to work as the Senior Director of Digital Strategy and Communication for The Shriver Report, a media initiative founded by Maria Shriver, and launched the site ShriverReport.org.

I also created HereWeAre.Today, a blog about navigating single motherhood in New York City (and now Connecticut), gave a TedX talk titled, Rebranding the Single Mom®, and have contributed to LifetimeMoms.com, Huffington Post, HuffPostLive, ShriverReport.org. My work in this space addresses and captures both public and private issues surrounding single motherhood.

I got my start in communication by graduating with honors from Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism, and a minor in Sociology.

I like to call myself a runner because I’ve finished the New York City Half-Marathon 3 times, but if I am being totally honest (and I sort of can’t help be anything but) speed is not my strong suit. So I am a jogger…a dedicated, leisurely, jogger.

Oh, and here is no longer New York City, the greatest city on earth. Here is a quiet town in Connecticut where my daughter can run and jump on the floors without the downstairs neighbors pounding on the ceiling. Here is where she can see her cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncle frequently and I can be around the people who’ve known me the longest.

Here is good.