I believe effective communication and engaging storytelling can solve problems, achieve business goals, and even change the world.

My public speaking and workshop experience includes:


TedX: Rebranding the Single Mom®

The Power and the Art of Storytelling

Did you know that when we hear a story about a person running, the motion cortex in our brains activated? Pretty incredible. And it is also one of the reasons a story is so powerful. This talk was given at a company yearly conference to an audience of 120+ and used data and science to explain why human beings have loved stories since our days dwelling in caves and how they engage our brains and can break through the noise that is around us to help us communicate.

Use Your Words (And Your Body): Tools for Effective Public Speaking

If public speaking or being interviewed stresses you out, you are in good company. In this workshop-style talk, my partner and I shared skills that will boost your confidence, engage your audience, and arm you with the techniques you need to succeed.